Unfortunately when you drive, accidents will happen.  As bad as that can be we can assist you to get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.  

So your in a car crash, what now?  First things first, you make sure you, your passengers, and the other driver and their passengers are ok.  Then you contact the police, and then your insurance company to report the accident.  

The next few steps are CRITICAL when it comes to the repair of your vehicle.  As you explain to your insurance carrier what happened,  More than likely they will try and convince you to take your vehicle to one of their inspection facilities or repair shops.  This is commonly referred as "STEERING" and not only does it violate your consumer bill of rights, but it is ILLEGAL in New York, and it may contribute to poor workmanship on your vehicle.

The Insurance companies are a business first and foremost and are looking out primarily for their stockholders.  They start by sending your vehicle to a "preferred" shop where they have negotiated contracts with those shops and save themselves money by using non-original and/or used parts, among other things.  Those shops that have direct deals and contracts with the insurance companies will be more than happy to oblige. Their loyalty is to the insurance companies, not to you.  

Chase Collision on the other hand is not under a contract with any insurance company, and so we can dedicate our entire team effort to assisting you from start to finish.  It can be a lenghty and complicated process which includes

  • Picking up your damaged vehicle with tow truck or flatbed
  • Contacting the insurance company and filing a claim
  • Getting a rental vehicle 
  • Setting up a date for the insurance company to send an appraiser to inspect the damage
  • Documenting the damage and preparing an estimate for the insurance company 
  • Going over the damages with the appraiser and disassembling vehicle as needed.
  • Negotiating an agreed to price with the appraiser
  • Ordering and inspecting parts
  • Completing repairs, painting, and final assembly, 
  • Inspecting and test driving the vehicle to make sure it is 100% safe and secure
  • Preparing vehicle for delivery by cleaning and detailing

As you can clearly see we are on your side, we represent and negotiate on your behalf so that your vehicle is repaired properly and safely.  We do not cut corners to save a few dollars.  As stated earlier our customer is you the vehicle owner, not the insurance company, we look out for your interests.

Insurance steering customers is an unfortunate and illegal practice that has gotten so out of control and rampant that a local news station did a segment on how it is impacting the auto repair industry and consumers alike.  As an informed consumer you have rights to choose the shop of your choice.  Exercise your rights and choose a shop you trust and feel comfortable with.  If you have anymore questions feel free to visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us at the office, we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

We are your friend in the business
— Chase Collision