1929 Marquette

Body and paint restoration services

Chase Collision provides top quality paint and body work  restoration on vintage / antique vehicles.  We are commited to quality and customer satisfaction with every classic car project we undertake.  

We use top quality PPG products and our painters are fully certified.  A paint job is only as good as the surface it is painted over so most projects go through a lengthy process to ensure a flawless paintjob from the bottom up. 


Contact us to discuss an appraisal of your classic car.  Please continue reading for a detailed explanation of the body work and repair process

1950 Plymouth



  • Disassemble the entire car then remove old paint and filler, revealing previous repairs, damage, and rust.

  • Sheet metal fabrication to remove and replace rust, damage, or to do customizations.  Our facility is equipped with a metal brake, metal shear, MIG / TIG welders, Oxy/Acetylene torch, shrinkers / stretchers and a bead roller.  We have the tooling and know how to do a metal repair correctly.

1970 Duster in bare metal

Epoxy primer


  • Clean the bare metal then apply PPG DP-series epoxy primer.

  • Reassemble and fit doors, fenders, hood, and deck lid.

  • Apply plastic filler and sand to smooth factory waves, ripples, and sheet metal imperfections.

Polyester filler primer 


  • Apply polyester filler primer, then 150 grit block sand to remove small imperfections.

  • Disassemble (so that jambs and undersides of panels can be included) then apply K-38 Primer Surfacer.

  • Prep for paint (400/500 grit wet sand).


  • Mask where necessary then apply sealer, basecoat, and clear coat.


  • 1000-1500-3000 grit color sand, then polish with 3M Perfect-it system


1964 Corvette

Flatbed available to pick up and deliver your vehicle

68 Coupe deville

We only use top quality materials every step of the way to ensure a top notch paint job and a beautiful and long lasting finish.  Once the vehicle has been painted and polished it is inspected before final assembly.  We recommend waxing or sealing the paintjob to protect your investment and maximize longevity.  We can provide waxing and sealing services in house if requested.

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